Top 5 Garage Bike Racks: Reclaim Your Floor Space

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We spent a whole weekend checking out bike storage racks of all types and sizes – online and offline. What we discovered can save you hours of research, plenty of money, and the painful frustration of choosing a bike rack that just doesn’t deliver the kind of storage solution you were looking for.

Bike Storage Solutions For Every Scenario

Whether you’ve got just a single bike, or several, leaving them on the garage floor or cluttering up a small apartment isn’t the best solution. Storing bikes on a ceiling or wall rack gets them up off the floor and out of the way. It’s a smart way to make the most of your space – however limited it may be. It also helps keep your place tidy and organized. 

Most racks are designed to either mount to the ceiling or wall. With the proper hardware and tools, you can install these on any type of wall.

Note: It’s vital that you find the studs on framed walls and the joists in ceilings in order to ensure a safe and secure installation. You should never install a bike rack on drywall using plugs. Always use long screws that thread into the wood frame behind the drywall.

What's Included in this Article

Best Overall Value and Functionality

#1 Saris Cycle Glide

Saris Cycle Glide Bike Rack

If you’ve got multiple bikes to store, you’re going to want to consider this one. It’s our top choice overall, though the next one on our list also offers many similar benefits.

This bike rack is excellent in its design. The base model holds up to four bikes and there’s an expanded version, which gives you storage for two additional bikes, giving you a six-bike storage solution that’s nothing short of brilliant. It’s expensive and not for everybody. But if you’ve got multiple bikes to store, you owe it to yourself to check out the Saris in detail.

The Saris is the most efficient multi-bike storage system we found. It mounts to the ceiling of your garage freeing up that precious floor space. You can mount it above the hood of your car and not worry about anything coming loose and crashing down. That’s just not going to happen from something as solid and stable as the Saris.

Ready Access To Any Bike In Storage

Weight capacity is limited to 50 pounds per bike, which shouldn’t be a problem in most cases. It can hold virtually any size of bike frame and makes each individual bike in storage easily accessible thanks to its patented glider system and adjustable wheel hooks.

The Saris Cycle Gide rack itself is about 7 inches high, so you need to take that into account in considering how much clearance you’ll have underneath.

A 12 foot ceiling is optimal, but you can use the Saris on ceiling heights from 8 feet up to about 22 feet. But the higher you go, the more difficult it can be to access the bikes – so that’s something to keep in mind. It’s less of an issue during off-season storage though. 

What makes a 12-foot ceiling optimal is that people of average height should be able to access the handlebars to unload any bike. Yet, you’ll still have plenty of room underneath.

Easiest Bike Storage System

It has a clean sleek look and functions extremely well. But what makes this bike storage rack the best option is its ease of use. To take a bike down from storage, simply lift the wheel off the hook of the Saris. Slide the other bikes out away and you have ready access to any bike on the rack. It just doesn’t get any easier.

When loading, it’s best to use the bike seat and tube – or the chain stay – in order to gain enough leverage to mount the bike on the rack.

Use Quality Hardware

As with most products that need to be installed, the installation hardware is a little lacking. I suggest a quick run to Lowe’s or Home Depot to get proper, heavy-duty hardware. It will save you some frustration and you’ll never have to worry about the rack coming loose.

Installation instructions are clear and easy to follow. But the black screws on end caps get stripped and the caps can be difficult to get on. Take your time and don’t force anything.

If you’ve got the tools and proper hardware handy, these types of installations it can take as little as 20 minutes. But if you’re new to this sort of thing it’s probably best to do it with a partner and allow yourself a couple of hours on a weekend.


– Top quality design and build (it’s cleverly engineered and constructed)
– Easy directions: clear and simple to follow – Efficient space saver in the garage – Fits multiple bike designs
– The optional add-on provides extra storage capability – Sliding feature is brilliant and makes it easy to quickly store or remove bikes


– Higher priced product (but worth it)
– Tiny screws that hold on the end caps are a pain to work with (patience is required)
– Had the hooks been made slightly larger, it would’ve held wide fat tire bikes

#2 Feedback Sports: Velo Cache Two-Bike Storage Rack

Feedback Sports Velo Cache Double Bike Rack

Here’s another multiple bike storage rack that features a brilliant design. This one is totally unique from most bike storage options. It stores one bike on top of another. In fact, it’s such an attractive looking unit, retail bike stores use the Velo Cache as a display fixture to create a visual display, where they can showcase at least a couple of brand-new bikes – in the same space.

Free-Standing Unit Makes For An Easy Set-Up 

The overall size on the floor is approximately 24 inches deep by 36 inches wide. The Velo Cache is 84 inches high and made of anodized aluminum and heavy-duty steel and is styled to look great in any room or garage. It’s completely free standing – so there’s no need to locate any studs, or drill into walls or ceilings. Yet it’s remarkably strong and stable on its tripod base.

Cradle arms hold the bikes in place and can be adjusted independently to support virtually any type of bike. It also means you can evenly distribute the weight of a bike easily – to balance it better. And the soft rubber cushioning helps protect the finish on the frame.

The Velo Cache bike rack occupies a relatively small footprint by comparison, although it does mean that the stand itself is sitting on the floor – so it does take up some floor space on its own and it holds bikes about 8 to 10 inches away from the center frame. It’s not exactly a tight fit to the wall, due to the design configuration. And depending on the size of the handlebars of your bikes, the rack may need to sit away from the wall further.

Note: While it’s stable enough to hold a couple of bikes, it’s not designed to hold your bike in place while you perform maintenance service on it. That’s not what most storage racks are designed to do though.

Attractive and Durable Garage Bike Storage System

It’s an attractive looking bike rack. It would probably look great in any room of your home – not just the garage. The center post is brushed aluminum and the other metal parts are heavily powder coated, providing a sleek and stylish appearance that’s durable enough to last for years.

Like most things that require assembly these days, the instructions provided with the Velo Cache are a little lacking. For example, there’s a top and bottom to the center pole and you need to have it the right way up or it won’t go together.

Once assembled however, this storage rack is a solid fixture – and a smart design too. With two back legs along the wall and one leg pointing forward, you have a stable base that feels like commercial grade quality. It won’t take up too much space that way and you’ll never have to worry about it tipping.


– Stylish design that looks great anywhere – compliments the bikes it stores/displays – It’s 99% aluminum and steel construction – only plastic parts are the caps at the very top
– Optional basket available as a secondary purchase allows for storage of bike helmet, chain lubrication, cleaner, riding gloves, tire pressure gauge, etc.
– Good rack with flexible set-up options for storing bikes with odd frames  – Nothing to install on any wall or ceiling – it’s completely self-supporting
– Provides flexible and efficient storage of bikes
– Well-made with a protective coating to ensure bikes do not get damaged
– Easy to put together and it provides easy access so you can grab your bike and go
– Best option for apartment living where you may not be allowed to screw into walls or ceiling


– Instructions are lacking
– Stand itself occupies some space on the floor
– Doesn’t fit every bike out there
– Some bikes are balanced in such a way that it’s difficult to mount on a rack like this

Budget-Priced Garage Bike Racks (Under $100)

#3 Omni Bike Storage Rack

Omni Five Bike Storage Rack

The Omni bike rack holds up to five bicycles. It’s 200 pound capacity allows for five bikes up to 40 pounds each. It comes with a straight metal plate that mounts to any wood-frame or wall – just be sure to use the correct hardware for a safe installation. Deep hooks lock into the front wheel to hold each bike securely in place.

The Omni garage bike rack is strong and versatile. Universal mounts provide accommodation for many different bike designs. In fact, it can fit bikes of virtually any style – including mountain, hybrid, road, and beach bikes.

Contour hooks hold the wheel of each bike inside, cradling it to provide a secure grip. The inside hook dimensions measure about 2 inches x 4 3/4 inches. And the rack itself sticks out from the wall about 7 1/4 inches.

Overall length measures 46 inches, which is a little short for some. It seems that Omni engineers calculated the minimum length required to house five bikes and went with that dimension. But it really depends on the style and design of the five bikes you want to store as to how good they’ll fit. And it may require some positional adjustment.

If you’ve got fewer than five bikes to store and space is limited, you can cut the Omni rack down a little bit to accommodate your needs, without worrying about compromising the integrity of the design.

When using this rack, the bike wheels will rest against the wall. You can protect the wall by adding a couple of pieces of 1 x 6-inch wood trim at the exact location the wheels would be resting against the wall.


– Solid and sturdy garage bike rack  – Quick and easy to use as long as you have access to the whole rack
– Easy to install with its straightforward design – Bike hooks are solid but they are adjustable (You can set them where you want and the pin system locks them into place, so there’s no risk that the hooks will come free  – Lag bolts are provided for mounting to the wall
– Minimalist design provides adequate and sturdy storage – Cotter pins lock the hooks onto the frame (smart design feature) – Rack itself is surprisingly light in weight considering it holds five bikes
– Effective space saver that provides better organization and space management in the garage


Rack is a little bit short in length (A little more length would provide more space and the bikes wouldn’t have such a tight fit)
– You may need to alter the orientation of the bikes in order to get five to fit on this rack
– Instructions could be clearer
– Not the best finish – painted coating on the outside of the rack can flake off as the rails slide on the frame

#4 Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Rack

Ibera Bike Wall Rack

Here’s an economical solution for getting your bike up off the garage floor – when you’re only dealing with just one or two bikes. Each rack holds one bike individually and you could buy multiples for additional bikes. At such an attractive price, the Ibera is a clear winner when it comes to finding an economical solution to bike storage.

Hanging supports are adjustable to fit both wide and narrow handlebars. And each support rod can protrude out from the wall anywhere from 10 to 14 inches.

Ibera offers a sturdy aluminum construction and 39.6 weight capacity per unit. It’s also quite durable and should last years. Each individual bike rack features a double-armed hanger with padded ABS supports to elevate the bike up off the floor and keep it secure, while not damaging the exterior finish.

You can mount this on any wall. But do note that the anchors provided are for concrete walls or Masonry – not drywall. If you’re mounting to a wood-studded wall, you have to make sure that you install the rack directly into a stud and not simply the drywall.

One popular way to install the Ibera is to mount a piece of solid wood across the span of two or three wall studs to really anchor it securely. Then mount the bracket itself to the wood support and you’re sure to have a solid installation.

Ibera offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year product warranty, so clearly, they’re willing to stand behind this product. You can check out there product video here.


– Versatile with adjustable sizes for most bikes including mountain and road bikes
– Space-saving and stylish storage device – Lightweight and easy to manage (Each unit weighs 2.3 pounds)
– Durable, quality build you can rely on
– Comes with an attached wheel anchor strap to prevent the front wheel from sliding outwards.
Low price makes it an economical way to get your bike off the floor to conserve space – Relatively easy to install as long as you can locate the studs
– Ability to adjust the arm angles is an extra plus

#5 RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist -Two-Pack

RAD Cycle Bike Lift Hoist

This one is quite different from most other bicycle racks you’ll find out there these days. It features an all-metal construction pulley system designed to propel each bike up towards the ceiling and out of the way. 

Intelligent engineering on the part of RAD turns a simple pulley system into a convenient hoist. Even a child can safely operate the device to lift a 100-pound bike up close to a 12-foot high garage ceiling. You could also use the pulley to lift ladders, benches, and other garage items

There’s a built-in safety lock mechanism that serves as a brake to prevent accidental release. It’s easy to remain in control and to lift bikes without straining by using these pulleys.

Sold in packs of two and at a budget-friendly price, it’s no wonder The RAD Cycle Products bike hoist is a popular option. Yes, you get two complete pulley systems in one pack.

Although designed for up to 12-foot ceilings, you could use them equally well at other heights. Take the time to plan out where you want to install this system. Design it to suit your layout and meet your goals. 

You can install the RAD Cycle Products pulley system directly into a ceiling joist. Or, you can first install a solid 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 inch board to spans two or more joists, then install the pulley system to the board. It must be installed on solid wood though – that’s the only way to create a rock-solid installation.

If you want to create more of a finished look, you can build a box complete with trim that acts as your anchor point that spans several joists and provides a solid base for the pulley system.

Like most assembly kits provided, the hardware supplied is not the best and can easily strip. Your best bet is to buy better quality screws from the hardware store. A square-head (Robertson screw) is much easier to drive into studs and joists then are the star-shaped (Phillips) screws.

Before cutting the rope, make sure you have the bike in the lowest position, otherwise, you may find that you’ve cut the rope too short. In that case, it will have to be replaced.


– 100-pound capacity per bike
– Safe and strong (when installed correctly)
– Perfect for the garage (frees up floor space without being too unsightly) – Easy to operate
– Strong enough to hold most bikes including heavier downhill mountain bikes  – Quality of the materials used in the construction of the hoist are top notch


– Bikes can slip off the hooks a little too easily when hooked to the seat (Seats are often thin and are not the most compatible for these types of hooks – best to attach the hooks to the frame and get a more solid connection)
– Some bikes will go up unevenly because they’re not balanced (Balanced bikes go up nice and straight. But if your bike’s not balanced, you can hold down the lighter end a little bit with your other hand to balance it out as you hoist it to the ceiling)

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best garage bike rack for you depends on your needs and budget. But if you were to select any of the 5 racks recommended here – rest assured, you can’t really go wrong. You’ll save a lot of time too. If you’ve got more than one bike to store and you want a quality bike storage rack, we suggest the Saris Cycle Glide, since we loved pretty much everything about it.