I think all of us as children have a sense of adventure and exploration to some level. As we get older, too often that adventure seeking spirit gets stifled by life’s obligations, demands, and maybe even some poor choices.

Since I was a child, the desire to explore and discover new things were seemingly etched into my DNA. Probably solidified even more by my Dad’s ability to make the smallest of outings or errands seem to turn into something unexpected and somehow adventurous.

Overgrown landscaping in our backyard was really secret tunnels to an exciting place that only select few would ever have the privilege to know about. Every old building we came across while traveling for sports in high school was new territory to explore!

Eventually, I was able to take some real trips. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina being the first beach trip. I didn’t know it then but that big, blue, ocean found its way into my soul and ever since then, its pull for me to return is never-ending.
Traveling to almost half of the states in the US, a quick trip just over the Mexico border,  an amazing, unforgettable trip to Africa, and living in three different states have been fabulous experiences and have helped shape my perspective. These experiences also left me wanting more. More travel, more learning, and exploring.

And then, life happens. You fall in love, marry, work, have adorable littles, and the whirlwind sweeps you off your feet. Everything gets smaller…budgets, schedules, houses, and sadly even your dreams.

Until one day, you wake up and something is different. You’re awake in a way you haven’t been in a long time. You realize, more than ever before, that this one life you’ve been given is slipping by really fast. You ask questions like, “What have I done so far in this life that I’m proud of?”, “What are my dreams now?”, and “What do I want to see, experience, do, or contribute before I lay down to rest in this beautiful earth?”.

You realize those dreams are still there and there’s still time to make them happen. Life is about choices…every now and then we have to step back and make sure WE’RE making the choices for our lives and not someone or something else.

Enter Peace Out Club.

Peace Out Club was founded from a desire to see our dreams of travel and exploration become reality. Life is short…so if not now, when?

Peace Out Club wants to inspire you to follow your exploration dreams too. We want to nudge you to make those goals happen one small step at a time. We want to hook you up with resources, gear, tips, and tools that get you on the road, plane, or parasail, whatever your travel preference, sooner rather than later.

So grab that map, bike, backpack, or just jump in the car and drive down a street you’ve never been on before and start enjoying this beautiful life and earth again.

Peace Out!