The Bell Right Up 350 Bike Rack: Find Out How It Racks Up


So, you want to explore new terrain on your bikes but finding the right rack to get you out there is holding up the great adventure.

When transporting your bikes, you want them to be secure and stable. Banging and scratching against each other is unacceptable.

Also, you want it to be easy enough to get your bikes on and off so that it doesn’t add a significant amount of effort just to go for a quick joy ride. On and done!

The Right Up 350 has all the features the average rider will need to help you quickly rack up and get your bikes out for a ride. This article lays out the features and gives you everything you need to know about the Right Up 350 so you can rack up and hit the road to explore the great outdoors.

What's Included in this Article


About Bell

Bell has built a solid reputation for themselves with their biking gear and equipment over the years.  They’ve been in business since 1954 and that’s nothing to sneeze at. One of the notable things about Bell is that they have focused on a limited amount of items in a particular niche, making them well while keeping them affordable. Bell offers three types of bike racks – trunk strap racks, traditional hitch racks, and platform hitch racks. The Right Up 350 is a platform style hitch rack.


5 Things you need to know

Platform Hitch Rack

The design of the platform style rack offers the most stability and sturdiness of the three types of racks. The “platform” feature of this type of rack offers a solid surface with trays or cradles to support the bikes. This allows for more stability than a traditional hitch rack where the bikes are hanging from their crossbars.

Versatility is also a huge bonus of the platform style rack as it accommodates non-standard frames such as full-suspension bikes, women’s bikes, and non-traditional men’s bikes. It can even rack fat tire bikes with tires up to 3″ wide.

Padded Center Hoops

Along with the platform feature for stability, this rack features vertical, padded, center hoops with straps to keep the bikes secure without scratching them. No more worrying about scratching the paint on your two-wheeler while driving down the road.

Strapping the bikes to the center hoops and also at the platform level gives the security needed to safely transport your bikes anywhere your wandering heart desires.

Multiple Receiver Size 

This platform hitch rack can be used with either 1 1/4″ or 2″ receivers. This is great if you have more than one vehicle you like to use when transporting bikes or if you decide to purchase a new vehicle. This option gives you greater flexibility with different vehicles.


Solid, all steel construction. Padded straps to help protect and secure the bikes. Weighs in at a modest 22 pounds.


The Right Up 350 holds up to three bikes weighing 35 lbs each or 105 total weight and accommodates wheel sizes from 16″ to 29″. The three bike capacity is a nice feature to have since most people like to bike with their family or a friend.


Installs quickly and easily on to most vehicles

Folds up when not in use for parking convenience

Easy assembly with video instructions on the free Bilt app


Not the cheapest rack on the market(Not the priciest either)

Only allows for up to 3″ wide tires. Whereas, an alternative Bell platform style rack allows for up to 4″ wide tires.


Bottom Line

Whether you’re taking the family to the beach for a refreshing ride by the ocean or you and a friend want to explore a new town on a bike rather than on foot, the Right Up 350 offers a lot of nice features for transporting your bikes safely and securely.

It’s modestly priced and presents a great option for the avid biker. Boasting a three bike capacity and the versatility with the platform style rack, this rack is up for the task of hauling your bikes for your next adventure.

Good To Know

Bell offers tips on how to load the Right Up 350 rack after assembly is complete. Check out the video here.

Check out the warranty that Bell offers for all of their products here.


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